List of Lenders

National Housing Trust

Corporate Office: 4 Park Boulevard, Kingston 5, Jamaica
Telephone: 929-6500-9, 960-4013-23, 929-6627-34

Jamaica National Building Society (Preferred Lender Partner)

New Kingston Mortgage Centre: Kendal Smith
Mobile: 564-0625, Email:

Ocho Rios Mortgage Centre: Winsome Ricketts
Mobile: 577-9048, Email:

Montego Bay Mortgage Centre: Karen Mighty
Mobile: 276-5203, Email:

Mandeville Mortgage Centre: Cheryl Kerr-Daley
Mobile: 276-5593, Email:

National Commercial Bank

Corporate Office: 32 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica
Customer Care Centre – 1-888-622-3477
Fax – 960-8844

Omar Houslin/Mortgage Specialist
Mobile: 564-1969, Email:

Felechia Bailey/ Mortgage Specialist
Mobile: 564-2125, Email:

Scotia Jamaica Building Society

Chief Office: 95 Harbour Street, Kingston, Jamaica
Switchboard: 922-3600

Victoria Mutual Building Society

Chief Office: 8 Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica
Switchboard: 754-8627

First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union

Chief Office: 8-10 Eureka Road, Kingston 5 (Corner of Ripon and Eureka Roads), Jamaica
Mortgage Department: 908-2647
Switchboard: 929-5142

Royal Bank of Canada

Corporate Office: 17 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5, Jamaica
Switchboard: 960-2340

Audley Knight, Manager/Mortgage Specialist:
Office: 936-8030, Email: