What does the Housing Agency of Jamaica Limited do?
HAJ is the housing development arm of the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation. We sell housing and land solutions, upgrade informal settlements, and provide mortgage servicing.
How do I qualify for benefits from HAJ?
For serviced lots and housing units, once you can make the required deposit (up to 15% of the purchase price) and secure a mortgage from a lender, or are a cash purchaser, then you are qualified.
How is the public informed about your new projects?
We advertise in the main daily newspapers, on our Facebook and Twitter social media pages and on our website.
Do you have repossessed houses for sale?
From time to time, the houses of mortgagors who default may be sold by public auction. These houses and the auction dates are advertised in newspapers.
Can I benefit more than once through this agency?
Yes, for our open market projects (excluding low-income schemes) multiple purchases can be made, based on availability and affordability.
Where do you normally have projects?
We have projects across the island.
Do you provide loans for mortgage or home improvement?
No, at the moment we are not doing any form of financing.
Do you provide low-income housing solutions?
Yes, we do. Housing Agency of Jamaica Limited seeks to satisfy the shelter needs in the low- and middle-income range of the market.